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Managing Member of the Board, Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (IWO e.V.), Berlin

In the last ten years, essential foundations have been laid for increasing energy efficiency in buildings in Latvia. Campaigns likeDzivo Siltak and the annual competition Energy-Efficient Building have been key to disseminating and spreading expertise and knowhow.
Public awareness of and acceptance for the issue of energy efficiency have been raised considerably. However, there is a lot of work ahead in the years to come. Priority needs to be given to consistently pursuing support programmes for building refurbishment, continuing training actions to qualify experts in housing management and construction to secure the quality of refurbishments and raise the building users’ awareness for energy efficiency. As a partner ofDzivo Siltak and a member in the Jury of the competition which I’m glad to be part of, IWO is keen and pleased to continue supporting these activities in the future.”




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